Team Sports Concepts

We have a long experience within Martial Arts, but we also have been working for about 30 years within the fitness, aerobics and Team Sports segment.

Besides that I have been working for many years within the Millitary and th Dutch Royal Police. All together this has given me a great inside within the different areas of Team Building and training.

Not to forget my almost 10 years as the National Ju Jitsu Trainer for the Swedish National. In this time frame we have won more then 84 Championship medals, actually with a small team but with hi quality!

We Believe , that the most important thing within Team Sports is to create an safe enviroment for the athletes, where they feel at home, relaxed and inspired. Where teammates are accountable to one Another and where there is an enviroment of sharing knowlegde with each other and pushes each other to the next level.

Only then athletes will be receivable to technique, tactics and conditioning training and willing to put in the hard work nescesairry to reach the common goal of the team.

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