Values Coaching Program

Coaching and Mentorship

Value based development for individuals, teams and companies.

The Story of Value

As told by Jan H Mattsson, founder of Value

“The driving force is to create a more humane existence by inspiring to seek your most profound values and transform them into practical use. Value provides a set of tools for creating a value-driven organisational culture, where co-workers feeling of meaningfulness in their work gives the energy to drive the organisation further in development. Profitability…. can never be one’s goal in life.”

15 years later

Although time has since passed, these beliefs are still the core of our company; beliefs we live by and strive for.  Beginning with Value Online, this online tool is integral to our interactive method and is part of what has today become the company Value.

Over the years, we have developed our product and processes to offer a vast array of services, from assisting in the fusions of business cultures to working with the development of organisational values. We place particular emphasis on collaborating with entrepreneurs, as we believe that the knowledge and understanding of values and motivation we have are invaluable to those looking to start or further develop their business.

In coaching, whether it is life coaching, career coaching or other forms of coaching, the Value process is a robust method to find the driving forces and inner motivation of the coached. The Value Online tool is for example used in both coaching and mentoring of individuals, teams and companies.

For me, Values was a logical choice as a coaching tool, because it is so close to the values of martial arts (Budo). Just much more detailed, concrete and usable for working with groups and companies. But we share the same beliefs and come from the same roots.

As a certified facilitator, I use values in a wide range of programs.



I truly believe that the key to coaching is finding out about the “WHY”!

If you cannot answer that question with a big “BECAUSE” and feel the vibes in your body when you talk about the subject, then you are probably using your time on the wrong things.

Working with things that are too far from your core values is not going to make you happy or maybe even directly unhappy, according to science! Maybe not at the start but over time you are going to lose the positive energy you had at the outset, and maybe start wondering if this is the right thing to do or work with.

I cannot be the best coach (for someone) if I don´t know the reason WHY somebody wants to start training or change their life. I am not talking about just “losing weight” “being fit” or “becoming a world champion”. There is almost always a bigger reason behind this. The pure drive or the real value. With that information, the coaching is going to be on a whole different level! If you do not know, you can have all the best intentions, but still coach the wrong way for that person or group.

I have done a lot of Personal Training and Company Training using values. I use it as well in function as The National Coach for the Swedish Ju Jitsu Team. In the last eight years, we became the most successful team ever, winning about 70 Championship medals. The main reason as the team tells me is: good training, quality coaching and a GREAT ATMOSPHERE!

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